ordering for pickup

Hit the “order here” button at the top of the home page or in the menu.

Orders generally take less than 20 minutes. However, it may take longer if the café is especially busy.

The Kitchen is open 8-3 Monday to Friday and 9-3 Saturday and Sunday. Drinks, baked goods and pastries are served all day.

shop & coffee subscriptions

Cut-off for joining our subscription service is the last day of every month. Subcription coffees are shipped out on or around the 5th of every month. General orders from our store are shipped at the beginning of every week. Shipments generally arrive within 10 days.

Regarding subscriptions, you can't make changes to which specific coffees you receive, however you can change from comfort to adventure or vice versa. You can also make shipping address changes. For these or any other questions regarding subscriptions or orders, please email us at info@heyhappycoffee.com

Brewing freshly roasted coffee is not optimal. Light roasted coffee beans hold a significant amount carbon dioxide which can affect their flavour. This gas can take up to three weeks to release. In fact, at Hey Happy we let coffees rest for 3 weeks before we brew them. You should too!

location & menu

122-560 Johnson St. Victoria BC, Canada V8W 3C6 Monday-Friday 8-4 Saturday-Sunday 9-5

The kitchen serves food to order, Monday to Friday from 8-3 and Saturday and Sunday 9-3. Drinks and baked goods are served all day.

Yes we have indoor seating and you are welcome to come in! Please note, we will be checking for proof of vaccination upon entry.

still have questions?

If you have any questions, concerns or just want to say hi, please don't hesitate to reach out!